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Sword of the samurai ps2

Sword of the Samurai (known as Kengo 2 in Japan) is a 3D fighting game in the spirit of Bushido Blade. Sword of the Samurai may refer to: Katana, a Japanese weapon characterized by a curved, single-edged blade. Video and computer games[edit]. Sword of the. Sword of the Samurai is an action and strategy video game developed and published by MicroProse in for the DOS platform. It features role-playing.

Kengo (剣豪) is a series of video games developed by Genki. Kengo is considered a spiritual Released for the PlayStation 2 as Kengo in Japan by Genki on December 14, and as Kengo: Master of Bushido in North America and It was released in Europe on February 14, under the title Sword of the Samurai. Sword of the Samurai is a unique "semi-RPG" where you play a wandering samurai (or ronin to be exact as you seem to have no master) trying. As a spin-off to the Bushido Blade franchise, the first Kengo for the PlayStation 2 was rife with realism, but short on technical merits. For Kengo.