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LFNFOR allows or disallows long filename completion on the command-line when "TAB" or "TAB" "TAB" completion on the command-line is used. It also allows. LFNFOR. Try this in Windows 95/98, in a directory that contains some files with long file names (C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP?): @ECHO OFF REM The next 3 lines . Enables/Disables Long file names when processing FOR commands. Syntax. To enable Long file name support with FOR: LFNFOR On.

chelancountyabr.com is the default command-line interpreter for DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98 COM and returns to the program which launched it. LFNFOR: Enables or disables the return of long filenames by the FOR command. (Windows 9x). Below you'll see the same as above, (except filenames is long:) for %%e in (:on: off.. files.) do echo%%e Lfnfor on for %%f in (*) do echo %%f for %%c in. The following commands are rarely used outside of BATCH files: break call echo for (%) (%%) goto if (not) (errorlevel) (==) (exist) lfnfor lh (loadhigh) pause rem.

If the data line you happen to be processing is a list of file masks (like *.xls or *.doc), the LFNFOR command can be used to modify how FOR will read the . LFNFOR On. To disable Long file name support with FOR (default): LFNFOR Off. To display the current status of LFNFOR: LFNFOR. 6, LFNFOR On Long filename support for the subsequent FOR command is switched on. 7, FOR %%v IN (%1) DO CALL %0 %1 %2 %%v. From cmd, when i cd into the directory, i type lame --help. But they return 'lfnfor' is not recognised as an internal or external command. What is.