Zero hour new tech mod download

Zero hour new tech mod

1) With the 'New Tech Mod for Zero Hour R2'.zip unzipped you should be presented with 2 folders, namely: a) How to customise the mod. About this mod. New Units: U.S. Units Battleship Weapons 6 Artillery Cannons Range Extreme Armour High Speed Low Built in War Factory. The last battle for earth will feature new gameplay based around 's This is a mod for command and conquer generals zero hour-.

New Tech Mod. Download New Tech Mod. More Command & Conquer: Generals Mods. New Tech Mod. File name, File size, Downloads, Added. Has anyone been able to use The New Tech Mod for Zero Hour on TFD? I have tried over and over and it will not install. Help would be very. Download new tech mod for zero hour r2 mod for Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour for free from the biggest game modification database of.

results Download free new tech mod mods for Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour. All mods, modifications, sound packs for free download for. New Tech mod adds ships and a few new units to C&C Generals. Everybody gets transport hovercraft. USA and China get battlecruisers. Name, New Tech Mod tried to download the mod al i got was spam from never downloading from this site is this for generals or zero hour .