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Vietnamese crystal

Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal is a bootleg copy of Pokémon Crystal, infamous because of its Translation Train Wreck which renders it nearly incomprehensible . Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal is the nickname given to a particular bootlegged version of the video game Pokémon Crystal Version, the third and final. There's Pokémon Crystal, the third game in the second generation of Pokémon games. And then there's Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, the.

The latest Tweets from Vietnamese Crystal (@VietnamCrystal). VIETNAMESE CRYSTAL QUOTES. Let's Play Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal by Epee Em. Since its rise to popularity on the internet, it has become better known as Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal due to the circulation of the cartridges in.

Pocket Monsters Crystal Version (popularly known as Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, as it was discovered in Vietnam, although it was most likely made in China. Hello, Mist here. I'm sure you have heard of Vietnamese Crystal on social media, real life, or some other way. But what exactly is Vietnamese Crystal? How did it.