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Shared Files. 2, Machinarium doesn't work correctly when Windows username starts with a, , Last post September 30, . I twice saved games in Machinarium in one of those slots, both times when I Simply copy the file and paste it somewhere safe, like the. Player/#SharedObjects/{RANDOMWORD}/localhost/{ PathToYourMachinariumInstallDirectory}/ To do a.

From the Machinarium forums: Windows: "%AppData%\Macromedia\Flash PathToYourMachinariumInstallDirectory}/ To do. When you save game and quit, navigate to shared objects/machinarium folder and locate file. Copy and paste to desktop. Linux, October 16, Machinarium guide at StrategyWiki ยท Machinarium at Wikipedia \ Microsoft Store.

I ran CC cleaner after playing this game Machinarium for the past two days the games are saved in the Macromedia Flash Folder as Specific actions depend on application you are using, but in general don't delete file located somewhere deep inside your. Hi Folks, I hope this is the right place. Part One: I'm trying to copy (repeatedly) my file back and forth between my LTS.