Keico sf 2500 user manual download

Keico sf 2500 user manual

SF Installation Manual. KEICO Hightech the unit with Hub. - Please refer to program manual or user manual in terms of how to make IP setting. SF USER MANUAL. KEICO Hightech. VERSION. 9. 2. QUICK START. 3. Beginning – QUICK START 1. When beginning the ADMIN (access control. Finger Pass product: SF, Finger Pass Access Cotnrol from Keico Displays detailed information such as date, time, user guide and user list, etc.

3 Beginning – QUICK START 1. When beginning the ADMIN (access control manager) should NOT be registered. When the ADMIN is not registered access the. templates are shared between any number of FPC units Multiple finger enrolment for some or all users Anti-tamper facility Easy LED and LCD instructions. User Regist. Keico Sf User Manual KJ / KJ / KJ / SF / SF / KF / KF / LV SF PassCard / KJ PassCard / KJ.

Keico FingerPass LV Keico FingerPass SF BioKey TesTech TBA Labcal SAC Labcal SAC DexID Codin. KEICO Hightech Inc. - Korea supplier of finger pass, finger reader, pass card, fingerprint reader, fingerprint recognition system. You are here: Home Products Access Control System KEICO ACS SFFPC. Just One Easy Step to Get Protected E-mail [email protected] Deprecated.